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Sayfe A. Salem, Esq., Chief Executive Officer Sayfe Salem is

 the founder of Security First. He founded the company shortly

after graduating from McGeorge School of Law. Prior to

attending law school, Mr. Salem was involved in

various businesses. His business and legal

knowledge combined with the staff’s

security experience has led to the

company’s success.


Lt. Bert Gines, Public Relations Manager Lt. Gines has fifteen years of experience in the Security industry focusing mostly on marketing, business development and officer training. His knowledge and expertise comes from working closely with various law enforcement agencies in San Diego County.

SECURITY FIRST SAN DIEGO: A shooting at a mall in Maryland on Saturday has shoppers across the nation worried about security as they head to stores. A local company that provides security for malls in San Diego shares information on how they keep people safe with NBC 7's Vanessa Herrera.

1283 E. Main Street Suite 212, El Cajon, CA 92021

Tel: 619-243-3992

Fax: 619-243-3997